Orbiting Jupiter, week two

Mini cliff hangers? This book’s got them. There was nearly a mutiny when I closed the book after Chapter 3, after the words “Joseph told us everything. Everything.”

Emotional impact? Orbiting Jupiter‘s got that too. Rarely is a classroom as quiet as it was today when we read Chapter 4. There was a quality to that silence – focused, filled with curiosity and then dread.

What’s next? We think more trouble’s coming, from the eighth grade boys, from Mr. Canton, maybe from Joseph’s dad. It’s hard not to read ahead!

12 thoughts on “Orbiting Jupiter, week two

  1. Hi Mrs. Englot’s class!!! We have been following some of the things you have been doing with this read aloud! Great insight! Our class was quite shy at first, but now they are so engaged in the story that the discussions, opinions and comments are just flowing! We are loving it!
    Mrs. Larocque’s Grade 7/8 class from Cobalt, Ontario.

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